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Screenplay by Steve Jones

Cracked Eggs

Short film (2007)

Cracked Eggs was shot on the Heygate Estate, South London on October 16th, 2006.

The short was officially selected by the

– The L.A. Shorts Festival

– The Boston Underground Film Festival

– 2012 London Independent Film Festival

– Austin Film Festival

Featuring: Jared Harris, Jonathan McGuiness, Carol Starks, Jonathan Hansler

Director: Eric Loren

Screenplay: Steve Jones

Cinematography: Luke Palmer

Editors: James Thomas, Charlie Fawcett

Producers: Andy Isaac, Victoria Wood

Executive Producers: Steve Jones, Eric Loren

Set Design: Wolfgang Osterholzer

Review by Chris Patmore in Film & Festivals magazine: “Shot in that grimy urban style favoured by British filmmakers, CRACKED EGGS is described as a very black comedy, but it is just as much a drama with comedic and surreal moments. Jared Harris and Carol Starks are both excellent as the unhinged siblings Joe and Rosie, as is Jonathan McGuiness as Joe’s twitchy, paranoid friend…with the director managing to pack plenty of visual, dramatic and comedic twists into such a short space of time.”

Cracked Eggs

Behind the Scenes

The director and actors discuss the screenplay

play by Steve Jones

Hero and Zero

The comedy play ‘Hero and Zero’, directed by Elfriede Schüsseleder in a T.E.V. production premiered in January, 2008 at the Drachengasse Theatre, Vienna.

Cast: Eva Maria Neubauer, Vanessa Payer-Kumar, Christina Trefny and Werner Landsgesell

The play received a cash award from Austria’s ‘Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur’ (Ministry for Education, Art and Culture).


Review in Wiener Zeitung, January 18th, 2008.

“HERO AND ZERO, the brilliantly constructed comedy by British writer Steve Jones, is playing at the Theater Drachengasse in the Bar & Co. space, in a refined and imaginative production directed by Elfriede Schüsseleder. Every moment of the actors is just right. The stellar quartet of actors (among them Eva Maria Neubauer) perform a range from wacky to reflective. The song and dance acts are perfect. Off-the-wall entertainment at its finest.”

In 2015, Hero & Zero was awarded a grant by the Lithuanian Council for Culture’s Stage and Art program and premiered at the Alytus City Theatre on September, 2015.

Director: Petras Lisauskas

Cast: Rasa Grigutytė, Ona Gudaitytė, Tomas Kunčinas, Vidas Vaškius

play by Steve Jones

Baloopa’s Journey

Theatre in Education, London

Baloopa’s Journey, a Theatre in Education project funded by the Arts Council of England, premiered on September 7, 1999  beginning its tour of London schools.

Director: Eric Loren

Cast: Caroline Durant, Kim Lethbridge, Alexandra Maitland-Hume.

A T.E.V. Production


This is what the headmistress of Hitherfield school in Streatham, South London had to say about the project: “I know I speak for all the pupils and teachers present when I say that it was a tremendously refreshing experience to see such a positive representation of some fundamental issues. As I commented at the time, the play’s central message of understanding and acceptance between different communities and ethnic groups could not be more appropriate for Hitherfield. Certainly it made a big impact on the children, even on those in years one and two, who still comment on it now. I wish you and the company every success for the future and hope we will have the opportunity to welcome you back again in our school at some point”. Ann Folley, Headmistress.

Short play by Steve Jones

Cracked Eggs

Finborough Theatre, London

The Kensington & Chelsea Mail reviews the Finborough Theatre’s New Writer’s Festival:

“… Last week Cracked Eggs, a very black comedy by Steve Jones, went down a storm. This was about a drug-dealer who, high on acid, cracks someone over the head with a machete.”

Cracked Eggs, directed by Eric Loren, premiered at the Finborough Theatre, London on Feb 23rd, 1997.

Cast: Jonathan McGuiness, Carol Starks and Matt Patresi.


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